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01-09-2014, 02:59 AM
Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
Hrm.... It's every log I ever saved, on every toon. Definitely something is different. Everything is at least 2000 DPS lower.

Here is the one that read as 13K just before I updated the software to

right click and Save As... (200 kb .zip)
i checked that on both versions (i have no 1133, but the 1130 should give the same results)

Here the results of both versions for your log file. (left the current one ... you can see the version numbers)
(the did not have the DPS-Channel-button, so i used this: ... this was the recommendation of the dps channel admins before I implemented the "use DPS-Channel settings" button

Nothing changed for the default settings (both say 13k DPS)
The new DPS-Channel settings give you even a higher DPS than before (11k instead of 10k) because they do not punish you for your heal at the end.

So the most probably explanation is that your settings in the version did not have been the DPS-Channel settings but the default settings (maybe it was not saved correctly, i don't know)

1) I was using ACT with Arias plug-in (sto.cs). I compared some of my current log in the parser you noted. My DPS was higher in your parser.

.....Is that because the default setting in the combat log reader is set to avg DPS only when putting out damage and the ACT is computing DPS over the entire event?
the combat log reader has different options to calculate the DPS. The default setting only counts the time you putting out damage. Thats' right. On other settings you should come closer to the ACT results.

Where would be a good idea to find a base dps to compare my own to?
the combat log reader has a DPS-League ... of course that are only the best runs of that people, but uploading some of your runs and watching your ranking in the tables should give you a good impression of your progress.

I have created a web interface to the DPS league table:

STO DPS League
it says "not found" for me?