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# 8 Literary Challenge: Space Worm
01-09-2014, 08:17 AM
He sat off to the side of the podium, his Starfleet Uniform crisp and sharp. His handsome features made more distinguished just by wearing the honored uniform.

As the introduction to his speech is finished up, Jim looks around at all of the young faces gathered for this Cadet Symposium. He wonders how different his life would be if he had paid more attention to the speaker when he was a cadet.

To a round of thunderous applause, Kirk rises and stands before the podium, waving to a few familiar faces.

"Cadets. Thank you for your honoring me. Today...I am here to speak to you about the dangers that you will face now that you have donned the...Starfleet uniform," Kirk intones.

"I want to...share with you, my mistakes, the issues I faced as a new cadet. I am sure most of you will face the same issues at some point in your career."

Kirk shuffles his papers, trying to gather his thoughts?and notices a beautiful Bajoran cadet as she stares at him at the podium.

"When I was a cadet, we weren't taught anything about what the galaxy would offer us because we had no clue. It wasn't until I was informed that I had fathered children on 3 worlds that I couldn't pronounce that I realized I might be in big trouble."

"You see, as a member of Starfleet, you will exude confidence and capability when you wear your uniform. Members of the opposite sex will LITERALLY throw themselves into your embrace."

"But you are young, you have your whole lives ahead of you. Don't make yourself the subject of news stories and scandals by not controlling your urges. There are many species, including human, who would share a night with you in hopes of claiming a part of your Fleet earnings to make their lives easier."

"People will come out of the ship's hull to make "offers of a lifetime", "galactic opportunities" that won't miss. But all they want is a piece of your present and future successes."

"When you leave this symposium today, I want you to have a clear idea of the perils and pitfalls that face you. I want you to remember who helped you to get where you are today and to remember to lean on them for support and advice. None of us got to this point alone, we all owe someone else in part for our success."

"My Ship's Doctor, Leonard McCoy, sat me down the day he diagnosed me with a venereal disease I had acquired from a so called pleasure planet, and he told me how my behavior was being imitated by younger officers and recruits. That I was a role model for not only civilians and other species, but for our own members of Starfleet."

"That solar day, I went through my crew's pay chits to find that over a dozen cadets on my ship had children on planets we visited. They were paying to support children that they would likely never see again. Their own lives, like my own, had become more difficult due to my indescretions."

"I implore you, be responsible, be safe. And don?t do like I have and scatter children all over the galaxy. If anyone has any questions or would like to discuss this symposium, please feel free to see me in my Academy Suite and bring some Saurian Brandy."

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