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01-15-2010, 07:20 AM
First part of Patrol Vulcan Sector completed.....PASS WITH COMMENTS

While logging into the first sector, I got a message "Team Full" after about 45 seconds it loaded the sector and myself and a few others were quickly engaging Orions. This was a tough fight but very exciting. It is certainly not one you can win by charging forward guns ablaze.

I played the role of science ship by flying through the melee taking pot shots and hitting the primary target with my neutralize shields BO abillity. That one is nice. We were up against some bigger ships, and dropping those shields for a few seconds let my fleets torpedoes do what they were designed to. Damage taken running the gauntlet was severe, shields to 5-10% or less. Durring circle back, used other BO abillity of emergency power to shields. Tactic worked well.


When starbase loaded, I was a miranda in the station for about 45 seconds or so. Previously reported.