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01-15-2010, 07:51 AM
Congrats on filing your first ticket. That's why we're here, to find bugs and help stress test the server. Don't expect an answer from Cryptic though. Since you volunteered to be a beta tester, and all you did was the job you volunteered to do...

I had a similar bug when I went on a mission inside a klingon listening post; instead of me and my bridge crew beaming down, my ship appeared inside the station, all shrunk down into a Chibi Miranda <LOL>. I was SO hoping to fire some photons on the klingon soldiers but nah, couldn't do it. It cleared up after a few minutes. I probably should post the screenshots sometime. Anyways, you'll be seeing a lot of bugs, lag, rubberbanding, etc the next 2 weeks. All part of an open beta test!