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Bryan sat down in his quarters on the Athena as the ship slid smoothly into orbit of Earth. He had been called back to Starfleet Academy to give a lecture to the most recent class of graduates. Shaking his head slightly, he sat down in his chair as he began to compose his thoughts.

What should I even talk about? he thought to himself.

He looked down at the blank console in front of him and pondered for a few minutes, thinking back to what many of the cadets in his graduating class were thinking. It was then that he realized what he needed to tell them. Something he wished he had learned in the academy.


Bryan walked to the center of the stage in the auditorium, and stood there for a moment looking around at the cadets, who were still chatting amongst themselves. Eventually, once all of the talking died down, Admiral Valot finally spoke up.

"Well, I've seen worse, but not by much," The Admiral said into the microphone, eliciting a chuckle here and there from the eager young recruits.

"At any rate, I've been asked to deliver a lecture to you all, and I've chosen to talk to you about trust. Now, to begin with, when you're assigned to a ship, as an office, of any rank, can you tell me who it is you should trust?"

A few hands raised. Bryan motioned to a young Andorian woman to stand. "You there, what's your name?"

"Cadet Nylsha Ivori, sir." She replied.

"And whom, Cadet Ivori, should you trust?"

"Those below me in rank to do their duty and those above me to not be careless with the lives of myself and the crew I serve with."

"Is there any point where your trust should stop?"

That gave the Cadet pause. She sat there for a moment, thinking. Finally, she spoke up, saying, "No sir, we should trust all of our superiors and subordinates."

"Incorrect," Bryan replied simply.

That got a lot of cadets murmuring.

"Who here thinks they know how far your trust should extend," he asked.

No hands raised.

"Your trust should go no further than the airlock of your ship. The captain is the highest authority that you can put your trust in. You should not trust your flag officers, at least not as easily as you might trust in crewman you serve with. It is your captain's job to get you home safely, not the flag officers. This is not to say that the rest of the Starfleet Admiralty are not excellent officers. They are. It's just difficult trust them the know what's best for you and the ship you serve on. That is why the captain is the highest authority you should trust. The crew of the Athena trusts me completely, and I trust them. They trust me because I see them on a daily basis. The Athena is as much my home as it is theirs. But nobody else in my fleet should trust me. Why? I rarely see them beyond when we are involved in a fleet action. Even then, I don't know each of the officers personally. The Captains, yes. But the rest? I am simply unable to remember who each and every one of them is. Regardless of that, I have to trust them to do their jobs. But they shouldn't trust me because I can't know them as people. It is impossible for me to learn of their strengths and weaknesses."

"It's your Captain's job to trust me," Bryan continued. "They are the ones that I communicate with on a regular basis. The Captian is who I communicate the orders to. The Captain is the one who tells me if his or her crew can or cannot get the job done. That is why you should trust your Captain over anyone else. They tell me what you and your ship can and cannot do. If any of you become Captains, your burden of trust becomes much more difficult, as you must trust, not only your crew to do their jobs, but you must also trust the Admirals to know when they are pushing your crew beyond their limits. We, the Admirals have to trust you all, but you cannot trust us, simply because we don't know you. That is not to say that we cannot earn your trust. It should not, however, be easy. Trust is, in summary, a one way street. No matter what, we have to trust those below our rank to do their duty. You must trust your Captain know what is best for you and the rest of your crew. Captains need to trust the Admirals to know what is right and wrong and they must trust their crew to preform at their absolute best. Any questions?"

No one raised their hands. Many of them now had somber looks on their faces, and a few were visibly shaken by what he had said.

"With all of that said, I want to wish you all good luck in your Starfleet careers. I know that I can trust you all to do your duties, and to do them admirably. You all are going to be a part of one of the greatest orginizations ever created, and I know for a fact that you all will exceed the expectations given too you. Good luck in your journeys, and remeber: you all are the heroes now. Thank you."

With that, Bryan stepped away from the podium, and left the stage, smiling a little as he heard the applause fade away behind him. They were going to be very good officers.
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