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Ive already tried this, you may have to bring out andromida for everyone lol. u need to let go and embrace your inner geek to win them over :3

for cartoon heroes ep 1, I did james t cats voice, i did picards voice as a cat, and i voiced CatStar during a review using his British accent, and heroic tone....that was my contribution to this gaming community, my cat RP

on further thought, that fiction i wrote for CatStar was what this forum needed i think, with all of the dark and brooding themes has been over done from comics to movie and especially games. we needed a reminder of the heroic roots of sci fi action adventures came from, the flash gordon style hero who would fight impossible odds against powerful foes and get the girl in the end. epic!
Many of them couldn't handle your cat puns, Andromida would leave them all messed up! lolz

But then again, this community has never seen anything like my Dryad girl. She was created back when I played Dungeons and Dragons with our old group on the Net Hack server. She is 4 ft tall Dryad girl with butterfly wings, a Bard by trade and master manipulator, who worshiped Chaos, not the goddess, herself. Heck, most of the net book of practical jokes came from her. My inspiration for her was Bugs Bunny, anything he would do, so would she. When my brother needed help while he ran our old guilds KDF fleet I made and leveled an alien for the KDF side (BTW I hate the KDF side, its full of ugliness and naked Ork women!!!) I made Andromida, her pet Sehlat can't compair to the Tiger she had for a mount in the dice game, but "Ace" still follows her around just the same. Here is a screenshot of her on STO. I also have another picture of her available, this one my brother drew for me back when she was just a pen and paper character.