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01-10-2014, 11:16 AM
Sweet guide!

I have found that 360 degree wepons work better for me. The bulk of the shuttle missions I have had to do were against tons of fighters/shuttles, most of which were a lot less powerful than me. But I am not a great dog-fighter, and found that with dual beams I cannot keep other shuttles/fighters in my arc. With the 360s, you can fly at max speed (slowing down is fatal against many other fighters, they hit more often), totally lose your opponent as it zips around, and still blow it away. This is a complete lack of skill on my part, yes, but likely enough I am not the only fumble fingered shuttle pilot out there

That said the annoyingly long and aggravating mission late in the game to contact the gamma quadrant gives a not-unique purple 360 beam that is not too bad, repeat for a second one. The sphere of influence 360 beam is also a good one.

They are not better (you lose dps) but they are much, much, much easier to use.