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01-15-2010, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by skylr616 View Post
These are the issues I can reproduce and/or happen on a regular basis. I left out a lot of stuff that I think are just design choices I don’t agree with and stuck to the things that appear to be bugs.

Show Stoppers

1. Latency
a. Timeouts when entering instances (can even get stuck in instances if you timeout at the wrong time)
b. Spawn in space as a person, and on ground as a ship… LOL
c. Officers don’t show up on away missions (or show up late)
d. Equipping items and changing items in toolbars is often delayed long enough to cause issues in combat situations
e. Rubber banding (pretty standard MMO problem, but deserves a spot on here considering how bad it gets)
2. Skills
a. Skill allotment doesn't work properly (at least as far as the descriptions go)... when I add points the cool downs will sometimes increase and sometimes decrease... sometimes they will randomly change to odd numbers if I toggle points in and out of an ability.
b. Saurian race cannot skill up at all!
3. Grouping
a. Groups don’t always go to the same instance
b. Every time a person in the group starts com w/ an NPC, everyone gets the dialog window… causes serious problems in combat
c. Very easy to bypass combat in space missions by luring enemy ships away from objective points… buddy swoops in and scans/beams… maybe this is a design choice (not sure)
Annoying Issues

1. UI Issues
a. No zoom buttons in character creator until AFTER you create your first character
b. Shortcut bars don’t work well… unable to move skills around and move abilities to bar most of the time
c. Maps look unfinished (poor textures in many cases)
d. Various tooltip issues (ie. Names usually don’t pop-up on maps, vendor tooltips move out of place when you expand details, equipment comparison tooltips don't show correct information on equipped items) this is very close to being a show stopper... makes many things very tedious
e. No indication of position on Z axis in space... this adds to that "lost in space" feel that is NOT good
f. Profanity filter in bug reporting tool? Really?
g. Poor selection of enemies by mouse (not very precise)
2. AI Issues
a. Officers get stuck in geometry in instances, especially between chairs around tables.
b. NPC’s fire through geometry in space and sometimes get stuck in geometry and become very hard to kill (ie. Enemy ship gets stuck in an asteroid and can shoot out at us, we can’t shoot back in at them)

Please, feel free to comment or elaborate on anything you see. I hope to put out another log in a few days with more detail and maybe some more bugs. You guys at Cryptic have got your work cut out for you in the next few weeks!
Most of the issues you have notied are known issues. Meanign the devs know about them, they are isted ingame in the bug system, and they are working on a fix