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Originally Posted by jer5488 View Post
There are little differences, but for the most part all I'm finding/seeing is 'We removed some npc's so the game's even easier then it already was'. I'm sorry, there are ten thousand better uses for the dev team then remastering episodes players will only do once or twice a playthrough. Especially since the 'remastering' only made them easier, and they still aren't on part with the Romulan or new KDF episodes.
Well, Stranded in Space + "Diplomatic Orders were already revamped before, in addition to Doomsday Machine, so it wouldn't seem apparent at first glance.

However, I saw quite a few dialogue additions in Stranded in Space, somewhat paraphrased below:

"[Boff name], try and monitor that distress call" (when first getting in)
"Try and keep a lock on the away team" (as we're in the transporter room)
"Finding survivors is our top priority" (upon beaming in... though that makes it stick out even more, that only Sci can do that bit)
"Helm, get us in range" (as the ship is about to explode)
"Away team, prepare for emergency transport" (needed on the bridge... though we still have to take the turbolift )

And those certainly made the experience seem more real

Edit: Now have finished "Diplomatic Orders".

+ Shuttle atmosphere entry is a lot less 'rocky' - though I miss that one lol
+ Considerably expanded dialogue with High Priest Savin, explaining more about the Ambassador's request and other small bits. Also gives far more of an indication that something's 'off' about Sokketh (also good)
+ Little bits from the Klingon captain, and that new 'circling' for our Undine infiltrator
- Most of the 'Continue' end-dialogues are still there - might seem odd after Stranded in Space
? Undine Dreadnought turned to Frigate? Seems odd, but then again, they can fight the Borg.
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