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Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
Dear god, I forgot about that one. Still have it somewhere, I think.

Spend hours and hours building your "perfect" ship (down to the deuterium tanks and computers, if I recall correctly), select all of your officers (with actual photos of cast members) then send it off on a "mission" that amounted to you watching an icon on a primitive map and reading text to learn the mission progress/outcome. I half expected it to tell me I died of dysentery.

I remember hearing somewhere that you could import the ships you built into some other game, but I never bothered.
I had Starship Creator Warp 2, which was no better. My Akira-class, which should have been able to roflstomp any foe short of a Borg tac cube, went down to tribbles because my science officer (Seven of Nine, meow) couldn't figure out just don't feed them.

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