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# 1 ship destroyed while loading
01-15-2010, 10:12 AM
I was in the starbase 24 mission yesterday and had attempted to beam down to the station. My avatar remained as the ship for a few minutes and was unable to do much but move a short distance as the ship (was slighlty amusing to watch). I attempted to beam out to space to try again but the loading screen lagged so bad I thought it locked up.

R/L called so I had to close the game from the task manager and when I returned this morning and logged in it sent me back into the opening battle at Starbase 24. As the loading screen was still up I can hear the computer warning I was under attack, followed by shields down and then hull warning.

The screen finally loaded in time to watch my ship explode and ask if I wanted to respawn.

This is the only time I have encountered this issue so far. Nothing major but wanted to throw it out there.