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Don't forget, Magneto's immoral. He has no problem bringing civilians in as part of his arsenal. If faced with a schoolbus full of kids or a commuter train being hurled at him, would GL take it out? I don't think so. Win goes to Magneto.
Magneto is one of the better villains since he has a sense of morals. The best villains are usually the ones that believe that they are the hero. After all, Magneto is trying to take over the world to save mutantkind from prejudice, but he doesn't go out of his way to destroy humans. While he might throw a tank at a hero, he won't throw a schoolbus full of children at a hero. Besides, it is a simple matter to catch a schoolbus or train with a GL ring. All that would do is serve as a minor distraction since GL could catch the train or bus and attack Magneto at the same time.