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Sam: Either that, or he's bored again. Either works.

Drake: Ahem... Voporak? Who's 'Voporak'?

Matt: He's a Starfleet Admiral from this time period. He spent a lot of time in our century 20 years ago. He was a very good ally.

Sam: Despite Starfleet making things difficult for him.

Drake: So, what's the problem? Let's find him and get back to our own time?

Sam: The problem is 2412.

Drake: Oh.

Tara: What? What happened in 2412?

Matt: The Raiser Crisis. After the Northman Incident, there was a massive wave of anti-New-Type hysteria, leading to the formation of a Galactic Police Force, like S.H.I.E.L.D.

Sam: Except the Raisers were commissioned to research and control New-Types under Starfleet Admiral Reinhart. A few powers refused to sign the treaty, like Deep Space 61, but the Raisers were allowed to skip due process.

Drake: Ladies and gentlemen, I have at least 42 New-Types aboard the Zhiyal.

Thompson: A solid half of my crew are New-Types as well - and I don't like the prospect of explaining away the presence of Dalosians, Betans, Talaxians and Turanians on my crew.
Terry: And about 75 percent on this ship are Newtypes or are of species that they have not yet encountered. Much less a Preserver. To make matters worse the treatment of those arrested and Section 31 is still active in this timeline. They were ones who long ignored Ethics to experiment on Newtypes too. Creating unstable artificial Newtypes.

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