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01-11-2014, 03:10 PM
OOC: I need to differentiate here, or else this is going to get sooooo confusing.
-Prime Voporak will be Voporak
-Alternate Voporak will be Voporak-A
-And in case he ever should happen to get dragged in again, Mirror Voporak is Voporak-M

Same naming goes for the Black Phantom.

*Black Phantom, bridge.*

Voporak: Oh, the glory of the hunt. A couple giant, advanced ships trying to hunt me down, *chuckles* they're going to find it's very hard to slip that by 150 years or so in the past. They aren't as experienced at it as I am.

*Black Phantom-A, bridge. The ship's sytems are back online.*

Voporak: Red alert. Prepare to engage pursuit.

*The ship is readied for combat, in case it comes to that.*

Engineering, what's the status of the temporal core?

Jirod: Functioning normally. We'll be able to time-lapse the slipstream drive.

Voporak: Do that. We're going go after those ships. Bridge out. Helm, find their trail and follow it.

*The Black Phantom-A cloaks and speeds off*