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*Meanwhile, S.S. Republic. Ryan is sitting in his Ready Room going over the press-released document on the Raiser Initiative as he travels to Qonos', on a mission to help General Ja'rod stop his house from using genetic experimentation and a modified Bird of Prey to overthrow Chancellor Drex and crush the House of Martok.

Suddenly, his eyes glint blue as he hears someone appear behind him. He turns to see Tara A standing behind him.*

Ryan: Allington to security!

Tara A: Don't bother. They can't hear you. Or, at least, your message is being delayed by about 5 minutes.

Ryan: Who are you?

Tara A: My name is Tara Allen - and I'm here to warn you. Raiser knows you're going to Qonos. They're waiting for you there. They'll abduct you and General Ja'rod, frame Admiral Rommel for the destruction of the Republic and Victorious and frame you for conspiring with Admiral Rommel and harbouring enemies of the quadrant. They will then ignore DS61's sovereignty and invade the station before trying to execute the crew and new-type population.

Ryan: Admiral Rommel is dead.

Tara A: No he isn't. He's been underground.

Ryan: Why should I believe you?

Tara A: Because the alternative is 924 people dying in orbit of the Klingon Homeworld.

*Ryan thinks heavily about this, before walking out.*

Ryan: John, turn us and the Victorious around.

John: Ryan? We promised to--

Ryan: Just do it. We're walking into an ambush! Contact Admiral Ross!

*He walks back into the Ready Room, finding that Tara A is gone.*

Who was that girl?
*Admiral Ross on his Dogosse Gear class vessel is on the bridge*

Comm: Admiral message coming in from Ryan Allington.

Ross: Interesting put him on screen.

*Elsewhere Reinhart is listening to reports...*

Reinhart: Commins the Republic and Victorious are avoiding the ambush..

Commins: I have proceeded with alternatives but this does make things difficult.

Reinhart: Of course it does. We still have Rommel correct?

Commins: Yes. The Klingons and our agents have done well.

Reinhart: Good. Have Alpha and Bravo take his ship and proceed. Oh if the Dalosians want to give trouble use the dirt you have on them.

or you could kill them.