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Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
see, thats not my mentality. i just wouldnt use a spanner to do the job of a screwdriver. so you can be happily, doubly, wrong.
reason you dont see dedicated tanks or healers, is because tanks dont put kills on the scoreboard, and are ignored in favour of neutralising dangerous targets, and healers are the same, but have added extra weakness to spike damage.

this has forced sto into a hybrid system, though still based on the rubbish trinity. the rpg trinity is a system for ~5 man pve. and thats all its good for.
First of all, trinity works, WoW shows us that... However STO doesn't have a Hybrid trinity, or even a trinity system at all...

In STO All Classes can do... DPS, Healing, Tanking, and Spam.

All Classes can mix, Survival, Tanking, DPS, and Spam together.

STO is a "sandbox" when it comes to character specing.

Now heres where your comment is wrong... STOs trinity system ONLY applies in PvP, and that's because of how Min/Maxing works.

In PvE theres no use for Tanks or Healers, because NPCs either do No damage, or they 1 shot, Tanks cant survive a 1 Shot, healers cant heal a 1 shot. So there is no trinity in PvE...

Now PvP, Min/Maxing, is basicly Specializing in 1 thing to make you EXTREAMLY effective at it, and having your team Specialize in the thing u cant do. (Its not exactly that, im being very general) Now having a specialized healer+4 Speced DPSers > 5 DPS/Heal Hybrids. This is the only reason Trinity exists.

Now, The fact is, trinity has NOTHING to do with Modern STFs. Now, if the Trinity System were effectively intergrated into STFs? Now that would be diferent, It may even add challenge. Why? Because then you would have to be GOOD at your role as either Tank or Healer. Anyone can strap 5 DHCs on a Scimitar, and autofire at a cube.