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01-11-2014, 09:05 PM
Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
I hope you were lying about the sarcasm because the rest of the comment is true!

We need a new difficulty level of "elite" Where the current 'elite' is renamed "Intermediate" and the new "Elite" gets a pre-Nerf Hive space level of difficulty, where with the right team composition including a science player it is a near faceroll but with the wrong team comp it's silly difficult Brain over spambar and all that They should also get some AI guys in to redo the AI with something capable of fighting back.

All previous content (Story, multi-difficulty fleet actions...) should be retrofitted with the new difficulty levels so people can get some practice.
Well ATM There are 3 difficulty levels in STO... What should happen is...

Normal Should stay the same...
Advanced Should become harder...
Elite Should Become Harder...
A new difficulty above elite should be added. Say Epic, and make ALL NPCs basicly "Smart" Give them healing, and TELL THEM to heal themselves and Ally's in a smart and efficient way.

Another way to increase difficulty is Distribute NPC DPS...

Currently, NPCs hit once every 30seconds, and hit for over 100k... They should distribute the damage, Instead of a beam doing 8000 Damage, it should do 1000 Damage and hit 8 times. Consistant DPS makes the game harder, because it requires sustained Thinking of healing, and people to crossheal, While Massive Spike either doesn't kill u at all, or instantly kills you.

Any spike NPCs should do should be channeled in a way that its defendable, or SubNukeable, for instance Beam Overload, or a 12second charge attack (Think Donatra)

That would be a good way to start on difficulty increase. because 1 of the roots of the difficulty problems is NPC damage. Difficulty isn't generated by being hit for 200k when u spawn (Yes im looking at you Hive)