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01-11-2014, 11:11 PM
Originally Posted by aleaic View Post
Throw in a snow jetpack race of something, using the Risan jetpacks that ended up being shelved, like everything else for an event, that makes for rarer and rarer inventory space. Maybe another way to make more Eppoh marks, besides a pvp race of 'uncertain' format...


...or maybe a pvp 10 on 10 snow ball gun fight off, for 10 minutes, that also helps create either Eppoh marks, Q freakish pics, or something else new, based on performance, to compliment the races, in a dome that is akin of the gingerbread mini dome, for the obvious...


Wouldn't mind WW themed class kits, that give themed powers, such as snowman security teams, enemy neut like snow mines, or sci kit blizzard grav wells, or such, rather than new guns, for next year.
Hell yeah! You have earned a promotion!

I wish that you could use the jet packs, or buy rocket skis, or something.

The snowball fight sounds awesome! That is a definite want for next year!

Like the theme idea, and hopefully it would be usable year round, or at least during all events. I really wish the jet pack worked in WW.

They should also add more gear and costumes, not just new colors. Parkas, snow boots, chapkas, skis slung on back as shoulder item, etc.