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Originally Posted by hawkwing43 View Post
Ok all you true believers. I have a few of my own dream mashups, using the Heros vs villians on Dc/ Marvel. I would love to see a mini-comic series with the following:

#1 Hulk vs Doomsday

#2 Wolverine vs Solomon Grundy

#3 Ironman vs Lex Luthor

#4 Spiderman vs The Joker

#5 Thor vs Darkseid

#6 Superman vs Galactus

#7 Batman vs Kingpin

#8 Green Lantern vs Magneto

#9 Wonder Woman vs Venom

#10 The Flash vs Dr. Doom

Of course you can have a few few cameos from the Marvel Heros to help out, but Those would be cool comics if pen very good. What do you think, and do you have your own wish vs type comics.

Looks like some good matchups, but if you seek a cats opinion i would have to go with this....

1: Hulk, if you seen the cartoon movie Hulk vs Thor, and Hulk vs Wolverine, you would see that the madder he got, the more powerful and indestructible he got...Hulk would win!

2: Wolverine, solomon grundy maybe strong and a zombie, but wolverine beat Lobo in the marvel vs dc series/crossover. His claws could eliminat all of what the monster is.

3: That would be an epic fight, they are too even, it would be a stalemate! Both are rich geniuses with a super powerful suit of armor.

4: If it begins with spiderman perusing him, it will be him, if Joker is after him, then it would be Joker.

5: Thor, in an outright battle, but if prepared darksied, thor isnt much of a strategist.

6: Galactus, Supermans powers have always been based off of, what was needed at the time, but galactus possesses the powers of the universe, he not only survived the big bang, thats where he got his powers from. Galactus would beat him, probably even absorb superman into himself.

7: Batman, kingpin is richer and has an army of thugs, but spiderman/goblin/daredevil/black cat :3 and every other person has made it into his building and got close enough to take hold of him. Kingpin is strong, but even a blind man whipped up on him. Batman would be able to slip into his lair and beat him up no sweat.

8: Green lantern! eventually magneto would run out of things to throw, Hal wouldnt. it would be more of an endurance test. Hals younger, that would be the only reason he would win.

9: Venom, because she can still be cut, most of the enemys she faces uses bludgeoning weapons and outright power. Venom has blades and webs, can move like spiderman and is still strong enough to toss a truck. Venom is fast and can wear her down, she is easily trapped by nets (old comics and super friends reference) so quick shooting and impact webs would pick apart her strengths.

10: Dr Doom, flash is a speedster with amazing abilities, but dr doom has always taken it easy on the fantastic 4 because of the invisible woman, his level of power and his tank-like structure flash couldnt penetrate. plus even to get at doom, you would have to slow down through his narrow corridors of many lethal traps. all of which are designed for a number of powers hes compensated for, hes visited by assassins often!

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