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01-15-2010, 11:46 AM
Im not trying too be an ass but the funny thing i realized about this community is whenever someone like you or me posts our problem about massive lag no one responds, it is like were not worthy of anyone's help, i posted my message about massive lag about 2 or so days ago and haven't got a response yet. Kinda irks me when no one is willing too even post too say if they really have the same problem at the least, there all too busy enjoying there game without the problem were having, but that's enough of my rant lol, we can only hope that someone will at least give us an idea of what the problem might be, cause i doubt it is our isp's really, i mean every other game i play doesn't do that too me.

Only the STO beta gives me that kind of ping, and i can get my full dl speed on internet files and everything, so i personally think it is the STO server and some sort of bad connection too our isp's server side, cause there are even points where i can get good ping in one map sector, then when i warp too another sector it shoots up ultra high just because there are other players in the area, then i absolutely cant do anything, kinda akes me wonder if it has something too do with being in areas where are players are highly active in all instances.