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# 1 Combat supply changes
01-12-2014, 03:28 PM
So, did some testing on this, and honestly, I REALLY like it.

It spits out about 10 buffs roughly (was using combat supply 3 btw) over the course of it being out. But it isn't perfect. Namely...

1. It spits the buffs out really far.
2. The buffs tend to get stuck on every single little nook and cranny that might be around. This can sometimes lead to them being on spots that only Caitains/Ferasans can reach, IF even they can reach them at all. This also includes places that have hazards and the like.
3. The Quartermaster DOFF that reduces the CD on combat supply seems to be making (using a purple btw) the ability hit a 'global CD'.

That's the three big things I noticed so far. I'm not sure if the buffs can be picked up by NPCs (allied or enemy) or by players on opposing team in PvP. Would be nice to know for clarification.