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01-12-2014, 05:09 PM
Noticed a small but annoying accolade change to the mission "Stranded in Space". You get "Mining Survey" from flying through the hole in the large asteroid but now this only works before you board the Azura. When you return to system space, to kill off the final Orion ships, that accolade doesn't trigger and I think I discovered why. Although the map looks identical to the one from the beginning of the mission, there's now a small moon present close to the big asteroid. I therefore assume this part of the mission now uses a different map which doesn't have the accolade trigger point. Not a big deal but for now it stops a KDF toon from grabbing the accolade, which worked 8 weeks ago. Did anyone happen to notice when this change was made?

EDIT: Just to clarify. I brought a virgin FED toon through the first space part without picking up the accolade. Then tried to pick it up during the final space battle instead but it didn't pop. Dropped the mission and reentered and could of course pick it up during the first space part as always. That's when I noticed the missing moon on that map...

EDIT2: I got confirmation from other players that they no longer can pick up the accolade on their Rommies which also need to get it from the final space map. I could also confirm that two different maps have been used at least as far back as Season 5 (probably from the start). Conclusion is that the second map got its trigger point for the accolade removed in one of the patches over the past 8 weeks. It's another sad day for us accolade hunters.

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