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01-15-2010, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by Loxone View Post

I could not connect to server last night. Then I went into the options for the STO launcher and changed the Proxy from US to None , all of a sudden I could connect to the account server again, but had bad rubber banding. Then I changed to EU (I live in Canada but it still worked) After that NO Rubber banding at all. Give it a try.
Using the EU proxy (in the EU Zone) does make a difference.. but largely I (and it appears an awful lot of people) are still getting this.

I'm totally convinced this is related to server loading mixed with latency coming from the Server.. my average ping to the East Coast of the USA is about 150ms (nettest.exe) which is matched by the results that I get from

I'm on 8Mb ADSL (SKY)..