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Well ATM There are 3 difficulty levels in STO... What should happen is...

Normal Should stay the same...
Advanced Should become harder...
Elite Should Become Harder...
A new difficulty above elite should be added. Say Epic, and make ALL NPCs basicly "Smart" Give them healing, and TELL THEM to heal themselves and Ally's in a smart and efficient way.
Why Add another difficulty level when you can just refit the current ones? I would do the following...
- Normal would stay very much the same but with a small smattering of NPC skills
- Advanced introduces the player to NPCs with piloting skill, the NPCs would try almost passively to find a weakness in your defences with more abilities that would be more coordinated.
- Elite would involve ships with similar boff seatings to the player allowing them to make ability combos from skills potentially available to the player (As chosen by the devs of course) the AI would use these intelligently and actively try to find weaknesses or create weaknesses in your defences.

Every NPC ship would have a level comparable captain skill set, I'm thinking chosen at random upon spawning, given that every captain has different knowledge and most factions in the game have many copies of a ship and many captains... I've lost my train of thought... but you get the idea.

Another way to increase difficulty is Distribute NPC DPS...

Currently, NPCs hit once every 30seconds, and hit for over 100k... They should distribute the damage, Instead of a beam doing 8000 Damage, it should do 1000 Damage and hit 8 times. Consistant DPS makes the game harder, because it requires sustained Thinking of healing, and people to crossheal, While Massive Spike either doesn't kill u at all, or instantly kills you.

Any spike NPCs should do should be channeled in a way that its defendable, or SubNukeable, for instance Beam Overload, or a 12second charge attack (Think Donatra)

That would be a good way to start on difficulty increase. because 1 of the roots of the difficulty problems is NPC damage. Difficulty isn't generated by being hit for 200k when u spawn (Yes im looking at you Hive)
I've been saying this for ages... certainly at endgame the NPCs should have boff layouts like players, and weapon layouts like players whereby most borg ships (above probes that would get 3/3) would get 2 weapons on each 'side' plus an omni directional torp, This would certainly make NPCs do more dps and maybe need an overall damage buff to compensate.

In increasing healing and resistances for NPCs I'd reduce their HP to try to maintain the "Time to kill" that the devs are so fond of Also NPCs would be just as susceptible to disables and other science effects as players are as this would bring science back into the game, if elite NPCs were made to fight intelligently exploiting downtime in buff cycles regardless of who's it is it would cultivate cross healing among players, especially if they see it done by NPCs.

The main difference between Normal, Intermediate and Elite would no longer be the time to kil or the damage output, rather the NPC AI.
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