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01-13-2014, 07:12 PM
And now a chance to comment back to skollulfr.

First, I think from our previous debates on the subject, we agree to disagree on the antiquity of the trinity system.
However there is some validity to his statements.

First when we look at the source material I do not recall a single ship flying around just to fix another ship. So following canon the trinity system is broken as it is missing the third leg. By canon.

In STO you can build a healer and be decent. You can build a striker and be deadly. But the tank is underwhelming as they lack a fixed job.
A tank should have the ability to soak a good amount of enemy damage and keep the attention on himself. because big enemies should be able to one hit the healer and two hit the striker. So the job of the tank should be get the main's attention. The healer keeps him alive. The striker kills the big enemy.

For an elite STF this might be doable. If they make tanks tanky and able to hold aggro.
It would require coordination from a team of players to accomplish. As a group of strikers will get shot down so often as to be overly frustrating. A group of healers blasted before they do anything meaningful. And a group of tanks will live longer but still not damage the enemy seriously before they fail. So you need the mixed group to succeed.

So I think it could be done. If they adjust the system to allow it. As it is, it is a hybrid as skollulfr mentioned and one that favours dps over tactics. And possibly to be more casual friendly. I do not know.

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Network engineers are not ship designers.
Nor should they be. Their ships would look weird.