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# 1 Voth BOffs in the Rep Store?
01-14-2014, 01:23 AM
I noticed something a bit odd between the first two alts I've got T5 Dyson Rep on.

My KDF eng recieved Nelen Exil as a candidate and left it in the candidate roster (as it does not fit the ship's theme). On his Dyson Rep store, there is now a tab for "Voth Bridge Officers" which appears to allow the purchase of a Voth science Boff for 600 EC. However the option is non-functional.

On my KDF Sci (a Gorn), I commissioned Nelen, figuring that he fit reasonably well into what is otherwise an all-Gorn crew with a handful of Voth DOffs. I was slightly nonplussed to find that you could not rename Nelen, but also noticed that the Bridge Officers tab was not present in the rep store. I did not see whether it was present before I commissioned Nelen.

So my question is... what happens if I dismiss the Voth Boff? Does the rep store give the option to repurchase, and if so is the character identical to the one you initially get?

I am a little reluctant to dismiss a potentially unique BOff - even if I have no intention of using him - just to test the theory . Has anyone tried it?