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Originally Posted by blackjackwidow View Post
A very minor bug note - keep meaning to mention it in the editor's note. The KDF mission "Suppress Gorn Uprising" gives an error when you do the timestamp. The "complete" countdown cell gives a 'value' error - hovering over the cell, the message is: "error: Not a number: 12:00.00"
OOOPS! - fixed
(the numbers for the timers are on the editor sheet, fixes it for all users instantly, no need to update anything on your end)

Originally Posted by hcnathanps35 View Post
I had to make a new copy of the document and no matter how many times I refreshed the window it never changed. I tried starting from different view screens still just got pineapple. I checked with the chat channel then just to make sure and someone checked and said no pineapple here. Not sure what else to do.
what admsim said


techincally speaking "Pineapple" is only written on the Mirrors when they (usually) temporary loose connection to the Editor Sheet.
The DOffTrekker imports the data from one of the 8 Mirrors.
If The DOffTrekker screws up an import from the Mirror, or that mirror is unreachable completely then it will just write errors or N/A all over the timers...

that stuff usually goes away on its own when the google servers wake up again.

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