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01-15-2014, 12:28 PM

Update: Season 8.5 Equipping ships also gets easier with the new ?easy equip? feature coming in the update. In addition, we?re going to be increasing the current ship slot limit. You?re going to love it!

The limit for storing ships is purely a programming choice, not a limit enforced by memory etc.

(Just thinking - how does 30+ ships display ingame? Is there a limit to the number of database calls that can be displayed in that interface? Would the additional calls impact performance? Operational costs?)

The cost to Cryptic isn't minor; change to the code of this type (especially something that will impact every player) will require significant testing as it 'could' impact users negatively. Lets say the change inadvertently reduces the number of ships.... you get the idea. And you can't roll back something that significant without downtime... more money lost.

The real question is what percentage of players will this ultimately affect. If the cost of the change only helps less than 1% of users, would that time be better spent on another issue that could generate more money or reduce other more significant issues which impact a larger percentage of players?

Welcome to the world of incremental software development, where planning never seems to consider all possibilities.

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