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01-16-2014, 03:32 AM
Originally Posted by kemcha View Post
I have to agree. These Disco Balls have become a nuisance in STO and the morons in the game are deliberately casting them everywhere in the game whenever female players and/or characters are present in an area because they want to force "sexy dancing" to legitimize their horny and lustful behavior.

If STO has turned into an online porn service to satisfy the lustful teenagers, then they should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. These Disco Balls should only be used either in Club 47 or on RISA or anywhere there is a Dance Club, depending on your faction.

Oh dear.

Captain,we have a disco ball over reaction! A meltdown is underway, we should evacuate!


Clearly this is another example of Federation discrimination. Trying to deny or restrict dancing and partying to others is an affront to those who enjoy such things. If you ever left Earth Space Dock, you might come to realize that not all social zones are created equal. I don't recall nominating you as the morality police. In most jurisdictions dancing is not a crime.


As to the performance issue, I don't have the most amazing desktop, and run win xp still. I play the game on a 40" LCD at 1920x1080 and the disco balls have no real impact on the game's performance that I have experienced.

if you don't like them, then just move away. They have a limited area of effect. Even if you are within the area of effect they DO NOT interfere with you performing any game action or interaction.

I think the disco balls are fine, people just over react to the smallest things.