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01-16-2014, 07:09 AM
Originally Posted by angrybear32 View Post
Okay this probably better asked seperately, but i read in your OP, you can buy ships with EC?
Now i'm still very new after coming back after 2 years, basicly i left right in the beginning because the game was a mess.

But the point is, i cant seem to find any vendor that sells ships for EC.
Its all zens en dilithium as far as i can tell? (earth space dock or any other faction "base")

Glad to see there is so much more content now, and the engine is way smoother now. (what a buggy mess that was)
Its a little overwhelming almost, barely know where to start haha.
Sadly, only runabouts can be bought with EC. When you go to the shipyard, you will see some check boxes in the middle above the ship selection. Uncheck all the boxes except for "Small craft" and the menu will filter out anything that isn't a small craft. You can then see the handful of runabouts that you can buy for EC. Each faction has only 2, and one of them is terrible since it has no boff slots.

So the only ones you should be concerned about are:

Federation: Danube class runabout - 34,250 EC
KDF: Toron class shuttle - 34,250 EC
Romulan: Kestral class runabout - 34,250 EC

They aren't very expensive as you can see, but they get the job done.

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