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Originally Posted by kirisee View Post
This is an mmo.....its not your weekly canon Star Trek Series.....really you canon purists need to get over it all.....its a damn game....go killl **** , have fun.....why do you NEED a reason to kill stuff????? just do it lol

Problem is: There are tons of games out there that do exactly this as good or better than STO. The thing that is unqiue to STO is its IP. Not even trying to appreciate the lore would be throwing away that unique advantage. I'm NOT saying cross-faction PvP mustn't be done, but the Devs should at least TRY to come up with -some- in-universe background story.

Even the Winter event with all its nonesense like gingerbread men is explained SOMEHOW... granted, Q is a bit cheap, but at least its some sort of in-universe explanation that kind of fits the canon and there adds LEGITIMACY. Why you think canon-voice actors are hired for all that money? Because it adds popularity & LEGITIMACY to a Star Trek game.
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