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Originally Posted by meimeitoo View Post
Thx for this great calculator! It's much appreciated.

One question, though. I don't see my Fleet Advanced Escort in it. Should it be?
You're welcome.

Not at this time. With rare exception, most Fleet ships have the same power settings as their non-fleet counterparts. Those that have different configurations (like some of the Fleet Romulan ships) are listed, but in the interested of keeping the always growing ship lists as small as possible, I've not included all the others, like your Fleet Advanced Escort.

There hasn't seemed to be any demand for it either.

What do you people think? Should I add the Fleet ships or no?

P.S. I know I'm due to put out a Season 8 version of the Calc that includes the Dyson gear and the new ships (Voths, Breen Plesh, and new KDF Mogh). It's not forgotten, just delayed. I'll probably wait and put it out with the Year 04 S8.5 Release (so I can add those new ships, too).

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