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01-15-2010, 08:26 PM
Originally Posted by Erlkoenig
[EDIT] Severity of bug: Showstopper (missions become unable to be completed)
.Bug item 2:

Again, in the Delta Volanis Cluter. This time, the mission calls for me to "Liberate civilian facility". I was able to defeat the first squad of Gorn and the subsequent three squads. But, after getting lagged to death on the fourth (and final) squad, I respawn, run back to the final room, and find that the last squad has despawned. Mission unable to be completed, end result: beam up, abort mission, scrap "Explore the Delta Volcanis Cluster" assignment.


Bug ID# for the issues are:
I also had this problem, even without respawning. I defeated all the gorn squads on the first go, but found the final room empty, and still needing to defeat a final squad. I actually tried it a few times. No luck.