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01-15-2010, 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by Erlkoenig

Mission 2: Beam down to a planet and scan numerous alien artifacts. After scanning the first 2 artifacts, I was tasked with scanning and activating four more artifacts. Out of the entire area I was supposed to search, I could only find two artifacts (next to buildings) that I could interact with (on a hunch, I checked the other buildings in the search area, but nothing was spawned). Because not enough artifacts had spawned in for me to complete my mission, beam up, abort mission.
This isn't a bug. The artefacts are there they are just irritatingly difficult to find. I too thought this was a bug and was about to give up on it but I found them. There are enough artefacts to scan 2 and then reset 4 more. You'd think someone would invent an easy way to find such things, like say...a tricorder... lol. They really ought to be on the mini-map but mapping is a major problem at this stage with STO still IMO.