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01-17-2014, 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
I've tuned the "spew" distance, the duration, and the magnitude of the buffs in a future patch. I think the Battlezone buff levels were a little nuts and were meant to compensate for the toughness of the Voth - that level of power shouldn't be available in every map. The new values are 20% Shield HP, 10% Hitpoints, 10% Damage, 20% RunSpeed+Dodge, and 20 Resistance (All). The new duration of the buffs is 60 seconds, which is still pretty reasonable.

We talked about changing the pickup behavior so that only teammates can pick up the buffs, but I actually think the ability is more interesting this way. You can use the Combat Supply as a decoy in a match, if you care to set it up right - luring in opponents for powerups while your team lies in wait or your nest of deployables sits around a corner.
Good work Hawk, I'm glad my testing was able to help.

Few things to mention:

1. The Quartermaster DOFF that affects the CD of Combat supply is making me hit a 'global CD' on the ability. Note that I am using a very rare version of the DOFF (specifically William Shakespeare). I feel one of those things needs to be adjusted, the DOFF, or the CD itself. Because if that goes to holodeck, it'd be pretty silly to use a DOFF slot on a DOFF that it just gonna make it hit a global CD anyways.

2. Gonna be honest, I feel like that might be a tad much on reducing them. I mean, don't misunderstand, they are a bit insane with the amount of 'death' I can cause with them atm. But I still feel they should be useful. *shrug* Maybe it's just me.

3. I understand wanting, in PvP, to let others be able to pick em up. But something I thought of was more larger PvE content, like Big Dig. That has multiple teams running around, and I was worried about greedy players just taking all your buffs.

4. Question: Am I right in thinking, at least for right now, there are two levels of buffs that can drop? Normal ones, and rarer, more powerful ones?

5. A request. If you are gonna tune down the strength of the buffs, maybe in return, more can pop out? So that way more of your teammates can get some usage out of them.

That's all I have for now, hope you reply, Hawk. Been glad to help out with this and continue to help out with more kit changes as time goes on.


Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
We will fix kit-swapping soon, but not as soon as Combat Supply changes happen. But when I say fix, I mean it will be very very gone.

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