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01-17-2014, 08:59 PM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Good work Hawk, I'm glad my testing was able to help.

Few things to mention:

1. The Quartermaster DOFF that affects the CD of Combat supply is making me hit a 'global CD' on the ability. Note that I am using a very rare version of the DOFF (specifically William Shakespeare). I feel one of those things needs to be adjusted, the DOFF, or the CD itself. Because if that goes to holodeck, it'd be pretty silly to use a DOFF slot on a DOFF that it just gonna make it hit a global CD anyways.
Players use grenade duty officers to lower the cooldown on grenades, yet grenades have a shared category cooldown. Personally, I don't see a problem with the Quartermaster, it drops Combat Supply to it's minimum cooldown.

To be honest, I personally think all kit abilities need to have minimal cooldowns. Exothermic Induction Field and Hyperonic Radiation have no minimal cooldown, which allows players to spam them with duty officers + Tactical Initiative every 3 seconds. That kit would be much more balanced if both of those abilities had a minimum 15 second cooldown (not a shared category cooldown). The medic kit already has minimum cooldowns on all heals, it makes sense to apply it to other areas. I'm just guessing here, but I suspect that may be part of Cryptic's plan to resolve kit switching. Time will tell.

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2. Gonna be honest, I feel like that might be a tad much on reducing them. I mean, don't misunderstand, they are a bit insane with the amount of 'death' I can cause with them atm. But I still feel they should be useful. *shrug* Maybe it's just me.
+10% All Damage for 60 seconds will be very powerful. +10% Max Health and +20% Max Shields will greatly enhance survivability, +20% Dodge and Runspeed actually sounds a bit overpowered, and +20 All Damage Resistance Rating sounds a bit weak...maybe +20 bonus Damage Resistance Rating instead? It would be a nice hard counter to environmental damage though, albeit weakish resists.

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3. I understand wanting, in PvP, to let others be able to pick em up. But something I thought of was more larger PvE content, like Big Dig. That has multiple teams running around, and I was worried about greedy players just taking all your buffs.
Just an idea here, perhaps limiting a player to one combat supply buff at a given time. That would prevent super buffing with combat supply and it would make it impossible for players to become greedy.