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I am having problems running setup after downloading the 5 part STO from big Big downloads seemed to install it ok I think.. I was on part 5 and it was almost finished, when I came back I didn't get any message that it was complete or that it was done though. It just wasn't on my screen any longer.

I went to the install folder (I chose STO on my F drive; HD). It shows the setup file. I double click it, and have tried running it on Administrator, but after that no program loads. It shows the blue circle going around and appears to be frozen. I notice the sever is down as well, could this be the problem? Can someone help me out plz?

I have a 2.2 Ghz duo centrino, windows vista premium home editiion (32 bit), 4 gigs ram, a 8600m graphics card, 2 hard drives (the one its installed on is 1TB HD), etc.

** Edit ** After a long while it finally started doing something and is working thus far. It's verifying the installer.