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01-18-2014, 01:58 PM
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I created a Fleet a few months back but havent been playing it much for awhile..i get a message from one of my membes about how he "accidentally" has taken over my fleet..which he doesnty have permission or the supoosed ability to do. After investigating , i figure out what hes really tried to do is take the fleet over from me..some how hes also put another guy in a "provisional" fleet commander which he shouldnt have the rank or ability to do either. I wrote to the GMs and was told theres nothing they can do and i cant kick them or demote them...and it also says that i can change anything for 2 weeks...does anone know what in they did to make this happen or how i can fix the problem and kick them both out of my fleet...Please help
Nope. You've forfeited your kingship, Ace. You should probably look for another fleet to join.
This all happened... more, or less.