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Originally Posted by emacsheadroom View Post
Most Rep gear is superior to Fleet gear. Rep weapons are certainly superior. The only Fleet gear that's superior to Rep gear are the Elite Fleet shields. That's about it.
Rep gear is not superior to Fleet gear it is comparable because of the set bonus that comes with. However, I am not solely talking about "gear" here. I am talking about the accesses Fleets have above that of an average player.

Originally Posted by rattler2
Besides... Rep gear can work just as well. *shrug* I'm STILL working off the Jem'Hadar set on my Romulan's ship. May not be Fleet gear or Rep, but it seems to work for now.
Rep gear works well, and better in some situations.

Originally Posted by emacsheadroom
You're acting pretty hostile towards people trying to give you a reasonable response. I think we'd better assume you're just pushing a personal agenda here (crying that you should get all the best gear without having to work for it) and this has very little to do with any objective ideas of fairness on your part.
The statement belittles the facts f the matter so I had to emphasis in some areas, if you felt I was being hostile then there may be a reason for your feelings to the truth.

Originally Posted by jtmarsh
You know I work a lot! Even if I play a hour a day you have grinders getting maco gear way before me. They work hard I agree! But it's unfair to others that can't get the gear as fast as others. I want maco gear! But it takes me way longer than active players.

Sound about the same don't you think
Nope it doesn not sound the same at all, even if "I worked a lot" but belonged to a large active fleet that I had full access to I could get the additional buffs way faster than the dedicated gamer trying to get things on his own.

However, that is less than a part of the point here.

Originally Posted by ursusmorologus
Most of thefleet ship equipment is just different not better, and some of it is flat out bad. However the consoles and warp cores are OP and have no comparable rep counterpart (the dyson stuff is not in the same league at all). Meanwhile, crafting does not have anything to offer at all, and high-level loot drops are too rare to matter. More generally, item have an aimless design that is inconsistently implemented (at best), where the only real driver is zen sales for the dilithium conversion (favoring fleet and rep).
There are 3 warp core options out there aside from "normal" stuff and Fleet, Dyson, Obilesk and Tal Shiar. Tal Shiar is ONLY available on the 2 Tal Shiar ships and the Obilesk 3pc is limited as well.

Fleet OP Status includes not just Weapons, Shields, Engines and the like but also the boats themselves.

Fleet Ships have better stats and an additional console slot than their counterparts.

Fleet Embassies grant Romulan Kits which grant a 5th ground ability over that of other kits.

Fleets have access to specialty DOffs and BOffs.

Fleet Spires grant a Bonus DOff slot on your active space and ground rosters and Atmospheric Flight Training which grants a buff against the resistance in shuttle atmospher missions.

We are about to get PvP with shuttles and if this is an Atmospheric condition map (which it feels like it will be) then those with the access to this buff will have the advantage over others trying to play this arena.

So lets recap:

Ground advantage goes to Embassy and Spire Kits vs Anything available anywhere else and access to a DOff officer buff over others.

Space advantage goes to Fleet Ships, Atmospheric Training and again the advantage of a DOff officer.