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01-18-2014, 08:45 PM
Originally Posted by erei1 View Post
Fleets are OP. The best items are found in the fleet. Some rep items are good, but not enough to beat what a fleet will offer. And they recently added new tac console that are even more OP than what we were used to.
So yes, fleet are not necessary, just like it's not necessary to have items in all your ship slots, and it's not necessary to have BOFF in your stations. Nothing is necessary in a videogame. Even playing it is not necessary.

I don't mind having some bonuses for fleets. But I think people should join a fleet because they want to play with other people, not because they want to have the best gear, or a new ship.

As for the question itself, it's going to stay, and it will not get better any time soon. A cryptic dev (can't remember which one) stated in an interview a few weeks after LoR was released, that they purposely made fleet items/bonuses more powerful than everything else. He also said they did that because fleet members stay longer and spend more on STO.

Simple as that. They like fleet members because they generate more money for PWE.
Simple fact is that you can have the biggest baddest ship and gear, but there is always someone out there to beat you with less.