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01-18-2014, 10:21 PM
Fleet gear is really powerful. The consoles are ridiculous. But, pvp aside for the moment, pve in this game isn't so hard that you really need top fleet gear to succeed. It helps but it isn't necessary. Back to pvp, the player with fleet everything will have the edge gear-wise. There's more to pvp than gear though. Experience, knowledge on how to use the gear you have in the best way... Having the most expensive sword won't necessarily guarantee a victory against Sulu in a fencing match.

An alternative to fleet stuff comes out of lockboxes and the lobi store. You can do a lot with that stuff.

To the op, when you visit a different fleet's starbase and purchase something, you use your own fleet's provisions. Have your small fleet grind out some provision projects, then pay a visit to the starbase of your other character's bigger fleet and go on a spree. In this regard the small fleet has a small advantage in that with fewer members each member has more opportunity to get fleet credits per project. I'm in a large fleet with my characters and sometimes projects start and finish before I log in that day and I don't have the opportunity to donate anything.