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01-19-2014, 07:57 AM
Perhaps to rally some support for change on a topic many are so polarized against you on? Who's to say? But at this point your argument is staring to turn towards opening a dialog to reduce the penalty because you perceive it as being too harsh.
I'm in a dual boat on this one. One the one hand I feel the penalty is too harsh for various reasons, but at the same time I feel it was also levied unfairly or may be implemented unfairly. If it's purely a DPS average then it needs to be reconsidered. It means a high spec build could, in theory, come in, do 20kDPS for one minute, then AFK the remainder of the match. It also means someone doing 1 - 2KDPS in a group full of 20KDPSers will get hit with the penalty.

So I'm just overall not happy with the setup. Numerous reasons, a lighter penalty would mean that the impact of false positives would be reduced and while again, this is not affecting me personally it would reassure me for new players coming into this. A bit more forewarning if it was a valid flagged penalty likewise prevents this for new players who may have left matches before and didn't know the discrepancy in penalties. Again I'd almost prefer the 2hr global cool-down on match abandonment in addition because at least then it would all be on equal footing.

So overall it appears to not be a well thought out mechanic. I can see why so many are in support of it in some form, I just think the form needs a bit of tweaking.

There are a number of ways to correct this. Anything from a popup tool-tip on the first time a character runs teamed content explaining the rule in more detail to changing the gauge of the penalty or it's total global impact (again, allow private grouping after an AFK penalty levy)

I'm not stringently in favor of any ONE change, but more in favor that a rethink on some of this be done and a review be taken into account of recent complaints on this including my own. If it is a DPS gauge then I am strongly in favor of a revamp on that as more players reach final build revision we'll see 20kDPS become the new norm over time and that will lead to a degree of problems all its own.

However with the almost nonexistent data on how this works, I get why it is so super secret, it makes making any single suggestion to correct the problem almost impossible. Instead many suggestions become prevalent.

Looking over events, the penalty may have been fair, from a certain point of view. That is to say, running a less than 10KDPS build, stepping away for a minute, the numbers become skewed quickly. Technically that is the implementation of the away penalty as intended, however it also means immunity to those doing far higher DPS who step away for a similar period of time.