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01-19-2014, 09:23 AM
I saw someone comment that AFK = Leaver, and therefore there should be an equal penalty...

Consider, the leaver gets no benefit from his bail, and creates an open spot for the random queue system / gutsy player to occupy and attempt to assist in the completion of the task.

Meanwhile, the AFKer got the full reward for sitting there, slowing the team down. Also, the continued presence kept an active player from jumping the mission and attempting to complete it, meaning the team was a "character down" the entire time.

That is why, IMO, the 2 hour penalty (with forfeiture of final loot award I believe) is worth it and implemented. As others have said, if you factor on being gone long enough to "draw" an AFK penalty, then it is your responsibility to instead take the leaver penalty and give the team a "fighting chance" to get a person assigned from the queues...
Well, with the upgrade announcement leaving NX and Connie fans in the dust again, can we restart / revisit the T5 Connie and NX threads - since they will no longer be "truly" endgame ships... (after we get the T5 versions, it'll be time to see them added to the T5U upgrade charts too...