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01-15-2010, 09:52 PM
Originally Posted by Mobox
I have tried both the highest version of Nvidia drivers available to me via the Karmic repositories (185 something, IIRC), as well as the latest 190 and 195 release and beta drivers, respectively. All drivers have been 64 bit, and I have installed 32 bit opengl libraries with each install. Currently running 195, getting slightly different error messages, but all still end with some memory funny business.

Point of interest: at the beginning of program execution, I get the error

On program exit, I see

I may be misreading this, but it seems to me like either wine is assigning or STO is requesting a stupidly large part of memory (negative 546 gigabytes) of memory, and later access some OOB memory, possibly some that it thinks it previously allocated. Maybe someone got sloppy with their pointers, or wine just isn't capping me at a 32 bit system's memory limit.

I believe that others have posted the same issue with 32 bit clients, so I doubt this is a "we have a higher addressable memory limit than you" issue, and more likely an issue with some sort of wine interpretation of malloc.
Our allocation/tracking system is tuned pretty carefully to the underlying CRT debug heap, so it wouldn't surprise me if it breaks on a different malloc. I'll ask around if there is any way to just make it use the underlying allocator more directly, though it may make the game unfortunately slow.