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01-20-2014, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by dareau View Post
Anecdotal stories tell me the fleets that have the most success with filling the Dil track have dedicated alts that do nothing but run the "catfood" / DOff system / KDF farms / Battlezone that can afford to flush their dil straight into the sink instead of needing it for their play...
Dedicated everything is how you do dedicated things. A "casual" player with 1-3 characters cannot afford an 800K mineral bill. Paying down these kinds of costs requires serious effort. Paying them down in a timely manner requires an efficient, and therefore, small, group. Trying to get 10, 20, or 30 people to do something is both messy and infeasible. People say: But if you have 100 members, paying down an 800K project is merely 8K per member. Good luck getting those worthless slackers to all show up at the appointed time, and to cut neatly to deposit their exact share.

A similar issue applies to doffs: Doffs, all in all, are not generally a system that generates positive FC flow. For a normal player to fill doffs would require that he pay 750 FC per doff and then drop them in to earn only 250-300 FC. The alternative is that he must farm the doffs himself, and then store all this material. With stuffing them into the mailbox for later use now deader than disco, this again falls upon dedicated mules. So for the average player, filling doff requirements is a chore that results in net loss and/or an inventory full of garbage.

Of course, for a dedicated doffgrinder, the presence of numerous inefficient, poorly-managed fleets is kind of a boon: We need someplace to dump our trash!