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01-20-2014, 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by rogueninech View Post
I just finished "The Empress Advances" mission over the weekend and got so distracted by the Typhoons, I almost forgot to fight the battle! That is one cool looking ship, here's to hoping that one day she becomes available.
Me too I would love to see that ship be playable It's well designed and sturdy ship those dual nacelles look awesome and the Jupiter would make a great Federation Carrier that the Federation has been needing but like the Devs said they'll release it if it gets enough support and I definitely support it, should have been made playable a long time ago in my opinion and it's much better looking than the Avenger it's too Bulky but the Typhoon pulls of a thick Battleship looking hull without being overly blocky.

And I'd love to see the Typhoon as a Three Pack Federation Battleship I'd finally have a reason to restart my Fed Characters.

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