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01-21-2014, 03:26 AM
I also vote for a Typhoon. The DEVs kep trying to tell us it is a dreadnought, yet when you use photonic fleet it pops up as a photonic battleship.

I have heard that thing referred to as a battleship much more than a "dreadnaught"

Side Note: Mirror Invasion. Tyhpoon Battleship. Wiki lists it as a Battleship.

Boom. Cryptic make it a Playable ship. AND DO NOT GIVE IT A CRAPPY BOFF LAYOUT, seriously give it something WORTHY.

Cmdr ENG
LT Cmdr Tac
LT Sci
LT Eng
LT Uni

4 eng
2 sci
4 tac

42k hull

1.1 shield mod

4/4 weapons

Attract fire
Weapon thingy (forgot the name sue me)
and manuevering

oh and dont forget! a 5 turn rate 30 inertia and the ability to mount DHC's
Inertia just means you can do Powerslides in you carrier!
I am Il Shadow and i approve these Shennanigans!