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01-21-2014, 06:34 AM
Well it all depends on the fleet rly.

I see posts going out like 'at 200k contributions you would have been made an officer already' well in the fleet i am in that would mean around 60 procent is an officer of the entire fleet.

See it from this point of view.

200k is peanuts to obtain by donating some commodoties/FM s/doffs into projects.

If your going for an endbuild ship you are gonna want:

- Fleet shields
- The extra active doff slots 200k
- Some tac / embassy / engy fleet consoles around 50k each i thought?
- prolly some fleet weapons dont know out of my head
- Perhaps if your flying a carrier some pets. 100k FC each
- Fleet Warp Core

All that stuff combined will cost you at least 1m FC with ease already...

So your contributing to be allowed to 'Buy' from the store which also in the end benefits yourself again with better gear.

Besides that this should be asked at your 'Own' fleet cause in the end this is a fleet matter not an STO matter.

Best advice which is already given. If it is a starting fleet ... go elsewhere there are plenty of T4 close to T5 fleets and T5 fleets who grant you acces for much lower values 'in the end that will also mean you cant buy as much as you want cause you will need the FC anyway see other point of view'

In our case we are an SB T4 / Dill T3 / Embassy T3 / Spire T2 fleet which is already upgrading the SB towards T5 and the Spire is half at T3 'research'. And we personnaly ask a contribution for around 60k to receive acces to the fleet stores.

This is actually pretty low from my point of view as a leader cause the 'input' some people have to make to 'create' those provisions are still 'much' higher then the 60k contribution needed to get acces.

Example Fleet tac consoles provision runs. For 8 fleet tactical Provisions we need to donate this into the fleet:

325 Fleet Marks
18,000 Refined dilithium
15 Engineering and Operation Department Duty Officers
25 Duty Officers
400 [Self-Sealing Stem Bolts]
200 [Large Shield Charge]
15 [Spire Provisions]

The Spire provisions cost 7500 FC ... the combination of Fleet marks / Doffs and commodoties will bring in 16250 FC from FM / 18000 FC from Dill / 12000 FC from Doffs is 46250 FC and the fact the spire provisions cost us (cause in the end it are almost each time the same persons filling those things) 7500 FC without speaking about the other commodoties to grant 8 Fleet members the change to each buy 1 console

So for all those who yell 'that 200k contributions is a lot to get acces to a lot of stuff and you will all buy more out of any fleet then 8 provisions beleave me' your actually not even helping with the building part of the fleet you are in.

Just my point of view about it.