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01-16-2010, 01:05 AM
Ok iv been trying to get game working for 4 days now and redownloaded 6 times now. heres my troble.

I install game and then Launcher it after its done. Launcher does a 177mb patch. and then gives me a engage button. I hit it. Screen goes Black for about 1 to 2 seconds then drops to a window with black in it and nothing eles. so i go to task manager and it says ( Not Responding ). so i click on game at bottom and it givea a Cmd screen and a Error ( Unable to find required game data files . if this problem persist reinstalling app may fix it.

CmD screen shows

Perloading DDLs..Done (0.01)
Filesystem Startup...gamedatadirs:

And that as far as i can get. so here whats im running to help fig this out.

Windows 7 (64bit) Professional
intel Core 2 Duo 2.2
Intel DP ddr2 board
4gb of DDR2 ram
500gb of HDD. single HDD. one Drive C/
EVGA geforce 9600 GSO DDR3 348
1000watt Rockfish Powersupply
Rockfish 5.1 Sound card.
Lite-on lightscribe Drive
Armor Jr / Thermaltake Case

Iv call Tech Support and they told me Vista and Windows 7 stander Zip reader mess up the files. and needed to Download 7zip. and did so and redownloaded game again as well. But after all that and runing it thruw 7zip im still getting same problem. i have yet to play game. and starting to shy away from it if its this much Troble. Some plz tell me why i keep getting this and how to fix it. Iv also sent a dump file and a Ticket to support to.

Dump file error ticket in your system thruw Clinterror system.: 6895165