Thread: Is it a trap?
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01-21-2014, 07:03 AM
I'd advice you to contact the fleet leader (owner), and make your inquiries there. He/She can answer them.
If He/She cannot, due to absence or neglicense, then you are in dire straits.

the scenario you are in now, is a part of the core reason why there are so few donating stuff firsthand. They are just afraid of loosing their digital winnings. (A lot of people don't see ingame rescourses as IN COMPUTER GAME resources).

A plenty more would gain happiness and less paranoia, if more people was more like; Pfffh, it is only dil and fleetmarks, and whatnot. It isn't exactly a RL monetary system going on here.

In my fleet, Yes, I am a whale. Yes, I stand to lose a lot if We'd reach T5, and leader would kick me. On the other hand, WHO cares. I have a plentitude of marks, and there are other fleets out there that wouldn't mind a refugee in their ranks.
IF i build a T5, get kicked, well, at least I have had something to throw rescources into, instead of collecting EC's. Rarely are there anything essential out there I want (for EC). -and EC isn't a hard thing to come by.
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